Dueling Cards Forum is a forum where people talk about trading card games such as Yu-gi-oh!, Magic, Naruto, and Pokemon. Yu-gi-oh! was the most talked about. The posts consisted of asking others if they would like to duel, card rulings, ideas for new cards, and other things. Around 2002, many Yu-gi-oh! "clans," or teams consisting of multiple players, sprouted up. The most prominent of these was the Rare Hunters, led by RARE HUNTER X. As a result of the Rare Hunters' size, many smaller clans sprouted up, which in turn led to much competition and flamming. This practice was ultimately restricted by the moderators, which eventually led to a decline of board activity and a gradual decline of posts.

It is Moderated by Zamzoodle and Daid (formerly moderated by, Uchiha Itachi, Yeano, the maria lover, and Neczy).