Game talk

An old Gametalk logo Edit is a website created by Mike Pooler in Febuary 1997. It is a collection of forums about games that you can post on. It has a unique system of not logging on permenantly, but just entering in your name and password every time you post. Unfortunately, passwords were not mandatory, which led to some users getting impersonated.

Gametalk 2.0 is supposedly coming soon, but users have been waiting much longer than expected for the forums to be up again. It was officially stated to be up and running on October 15th, 2008, but never did, with a different message on the front page each day. Recently, a "This page cannot be displayed" page has appeared on any of GameTalk's pages, including GameTalk2.0's main page, leaving some mystery as to whether it will ever return.

In early 2009, a sequel version of the site called GametalkX.0(GTX0) was built by long time Gametalk user, Shane Xhin. This site is still opperational and can be found at While not as busy or popular as the original, many former Gametalk users are finding their way to the new site, bringing back the same comunity feeling. Xhin plans to end the "Gametalk" era once and for all by relaunching GTX0 on a much larger scale under the code name NodeCloud. This should happen in the next year.

In 2015 a website Gametalk 2 was launched ( which has been created as another sequel to Gametalk.