Hassleberry is some one who mainly posted on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Forum before was down.

Pokemon Dog Lover

Hassleberry originarly started on the Pokemon Ruby Forums as Pokemon Dog Lover, in late 2005. He used this on mainly the Pokemon Ruby forum, but occasionally would go to other forums.

Dr. House

About Six months after starting he forgot his password and changed his name to Dr. House (based off the docter in the medical drama series House), which he used on random forums with no "home" forum, this lasted about 3 months, and after starting to play the Yu-Gi-oh! trading card game more profsionally, he decided to end his role as Dr. House and change his name as he moved on to a new "home" forum.


When moving to the Dueling Cards Forum he decided to Change his name to Hassleberry based off the Yu-Gi-oh! GX character due to the fact that he played the Yu-Gi-oh! Trading card game. He stayed mainly on that forum but branched out occasionally went to other forums. After about 6 months of being on that forum he started posting more oftenly on the Super Smash Bros Brawl Forum. That forum then became his "home" forum until Gametalk was shut down to be remade.

Captain Gold

For about a month he therorized on changing his screen name to Captain Gold. To decide he posted a poll on the pointless forum asking which name he should have which ended in a tie. After that he decided to keep his name.